Optimise your material handling process with Next Gen AGVs

Posted on 2nd January 2017

This post is a case study involving Automated Guided Vehicles implementation at one of the largest paint manufacturer firm based in India. This company is one of the largest paint manufacturers, offering a wide range of painting & waterproofing solutions for homes, offices & more.

Why are we introducing them?

The Case

Redesigning of the complete process of transferring pallets with Paint Buckets/Cartons from an end of packing line to ASRS was to be done. If a conveyor based solution was opted, 50% of aisle space would have been blocked & even in a case of minor failure, production would have been affected. Thus a safe and dependent system was required to replace the conventional MHEs which are often a cause of accidents and result in high operational costs.

Solution given

After studying the complete project, The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd. proposed Automated Guided Vehicles as a solution.

A fleet of Novus Carry (Unit Load Automated Guided Vehicles with integrated motorized roller bed conveyors on) were supplied. These AGVs collect a loaded pallet from an end of packing line & carry these pallets to store area. Along with integration with customer inventory management software, Handshaking of vehicles was also done with Robotic Palletizing Cells using CCU.

Features of System

  1. Multiple Process Poke-Yoke & Safety Interlocks
  2. Safe & accident-free operation
  3. Integrated with Robotic Palletizing Cells & ASRS
  4. Robust Design for handling heavy payloads
  5. Wireless integration for Remote Call with customer MES

Automated Guided Vehicles

Outcomes from AGVs implementation

  1. 70% of floor space was freed for man-movement
  2. Annual Operation & Maintenance Costs was reduced by 20%
  3. Real-time Inventory update
  4. Zero Forklift movement
  5. Safe and Accident-free operation

Are you working in paint or chemical industry? How are you managing your material movement challenges?

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