Automated Guided Vehicles in a Nutshell

Posted on 18th July 2016


With changes in the technology, Material handling has undergone a tremendous change.

From manual material handling to automated material handling, the Industry is evolving at a great pace.

According to BCG : AGVs can help you increase your manufacturing productivity by 30%.

But, Alas! There are many organizations that are not aware about AGVs. So, here is a crisp and brief introduction on Automated Guided Vehicles.

We’ll start by defining AGVs

What are AGVs ( Automated Guided Vehicles )?

Automated Guided Vehicles ( AGVs ) A material handling system that uses automated vehicles programmed to move between different manufacturing and warehouse stations without a driver. These systems are used to increase efficiency, decrease damage to goods and reduce overhead by limiting the number of employees required to complete the job.

AGVs in a single line: A driverless vehicle used to move materials efficiently in a facility.

Types of AGVs

  1. Masted vehicles – forked, clamp, single-double
  2. Unit Load – lift deck, conveyor
  3. Tow or Tuggers
  4. Custom

Why AGVs are used

  1. To replace manually handled vehicles such as lift trucks
  2. Increase labour productivity
  3. Directing employees towards high-value jobs
  4. Provide safe, efficient, cost-effective movement of materials

Applications of AGVs

AGVs are mainly used for Material Movement and carrying out Assembly Operations. Currently, major chunk of AGV number is found in industries such as

  1. Automotive
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Food & Beverage
  4. Aerospace
  5. Healthcare
  6. Logistics
  7. Retail
  8. Paper

Below are the Use cases

  1. Raw material handling
  2. Parts/Tools handling
  3. Engine assembly
  4. Finished goods movement
  5. Product storage and retrieval
  6. Pallet Handling

We can now safely assume that you have understood what AGVs are and what can they do for you.

Market Potential

The AGV market is expected to reach $2.81 Billion by 2022, when are you buying one?



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