The E Tail Challenge

Posted on 10th June 2017

E-commerce has a few challenges that other formats do not have. A consumer sees a product in store and walks out with it. There ie no time for a re-think. In e-commerce, there is a lag between the order palcement and fulfillment.  If the gap is wide, chances are the consumer may change her mind. To minimize this chance, firms need to get the goods out of their warehose and on to the customer fast. This calls for a high degree of automation. Anuj Kapuria and Kunal Pruthi of Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd. write about the challenges in e-tailing. With […]


Posted on 9th June 2017

With Goods and Services Tax (GST) just round the corner, most of the organizations are trying to overhaul their business models. Business owners are looking GST implementation as a strategic opportunity to gain a competitive edge, streamline their current business methods and move towards higher profitability. With the inception of GST there will be a huge impact on warehousing industry and complete supply chain will have to be restructured. Until a few months back, companies tried to locate and design their warehouses in such a way so that they can steer away from implications of multiple state taxes. GST on the other hand will lead to the unification of various […]

Moving towards Industry and Automotive 4.0

Posted on 28th February 2017

The world around us is changing drastically every single day, every single minute. With the onset of new technologies like IOT, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence we are witnessing advancements in every sphere of life. These technologies will also make a significant impact in bringing numerous improvements in the existing industrial and manufacturing processes. We will experience a major shift at every step of entire value chain. Cloud computing would help in overseeing the entire process from the collection of supplies till the delivery at final destination. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) will become more intelligent and autonomous. These vehicles will […]

Take a walk through the MHI Industry Report 2016

Posted on 25th January 2017

Are you updated about the latest trends and discoveries that took place in 2016 in Supply Chain Industry? It’s ok if your answer is in dissent. I will take you through all the details of MHI Industry Report 2016, which has some incredible findings regarding this industry. About the Report The 2016 MHI Annual Industry Report, developed in collaboration with Deloitte, reflects the views of nearly 900 Industry Insiders – almost double that of last year’s survey. Respondents include manufacturers, distributors, service providers etc. – more than 50% of them with Senior Executive, General Manager, or Department Head titles. The […]

Optimise your material handling process with Next Gen AGVs

Posted on 2nd January 2017

This post is a case study involving Automated Guided Vehicles implementation at one of the largest paint manufacturer firm based in India. This company is one of the largest paint manufacturers, offering a wide range of painting & waterproofing solutions for homes, offices & more. Why are we introducing them? The Case Redesigning of the complete process of transferring pallets with Paint Buckets/Cartons from an end of packing line to ASRS was to be done. If a conveyor based solution was opted, 50% of aisle space would have been blocked & even in a case of minor failure, production would […]

Automobile Giant saved 75% in manpower with AGVs

Posted on 25th November 2016

This post is a case study involving AGV implementation at an automotive manufacturer firm based in India. In India, this company is specialized in manufacturing passenger vehicles. Hatchbacks, Compact sedans, Sedans and SUVs. Why are we introducing them? The Case They were looking for a solution for complex material feeding application. Kitting trolleys were to be supplied to different fast-moving assembly lines. To maintain JIT approach & reduce operator dependency, they decided to go for an automated material transfer solution. Solution given After studying the complete project, The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd. proposed ‘Self-Driving Vehicles’ as a solution. A Fleet […]

Manufacturing companies, increase productivity by 30% with AGVs

Posted on 20th August 2016

This post is a case study involving AGV implementation at VE Commercial Vehicles. VE Commercial Vehicles Limited is a 50:50 joint venture between the Volvo Group (Volvo) and Eicher Motors Limited (EML). VECV is a complete Commercial Vehicle (CV) manufacturer with a wide product range that includes Eicher Trucks and Buses, Volvo Trucks India, Eicher Engineering Components and VE Powertrain. Why are we introducing them?

5 AGV Value Drivers the Boss should know

Posted on 17th August 2016

The decision to go for AGVs isn’t straightforward for organizations. Doing away with an existing material handling practice in the favor of a new upcoming intervention is a long evaluation process spread across months. At times, it is natural for the decision-making committee, to overlook the value proposition of the AGVs. In this post, we make a case for 5 such drivers that could help in an AGV evaluation, after a study of the 2015 MHI annual industry report.

Automated Guided Vehicles in a Nutshell

Posted on 18th July 2016

With changes in the technology, Material handling has undergone a tremendous change. From manual material handling to automated material handling, the Industry is evolving at a great pace. According to BCG : AGVs can help you increase your manufacturing productivity by 30%. But, Alas! There are many organizations that are not aware about AGVs. So, here is a crisp and brief introduction on Automated Guided Vehicles. We’ll start by defining AGVs